Andrew Clermont plays Gilcrhist Mandolins, Epoch Violins, Maton Guitars. Photo: Jon Armstrong
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Andrew plays Epoch Violins, Maton Guitars, Gilchrist Mandolins
Photo - Jasmine

Just scroll down for latest Supper Club details and a look through the years!
Woodford Folk Festival Supper Club @ Bill's Bar 27Dec'14 - Jan1 2015 | Tamworth Supper Club 2015 |  Classic Pics | The Supper Club @ North Tamworth Bowling Club 2014 | Supper Club Woodford 2013 |  Supper Club DVD Live @ The Capitol | The Supper Club @ Woodford Folk Fest 2012 | Supper Club 2012 | Supper Club 2011 | The Supper Club 2010 | Supper Club 2009 | Supper Club 2008 NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest | The Winners| Supper Club 2007 | Supper Club 2006 | Supper Club 2005 | Supper Club 2004 |

Happy 21st to Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club!
Sat 19 - Sat 26 Jan 2019

The gathering for next January is building up.
All the way from Germany, Mensch, Monique! with a likely dash of The Sauerkrauts !
That means Georg & Jule, formerly of The Beez (as are The Sauerkrauts - Rob & Deta) complete with their young family will be with us again, but not only as Mensch. Monique!     but it turns out that Georg was also Bassman to Germany's Pink Floyd Show and so the subject of the Psychedelia genre came up - infact quite a few times in the last while - between our powering Dobro-logist Pete Fidler with Lap Steeel, Paddy Montgomery bringing his electric 12 string (ala The Byrds) and extra special guest FRED SMITH, who seemed to also have soft spot for the genre too!
So toward the end of our week 9pm Fri 25th Fred Smith will cross-section us through his Diplomat life as peace-keeper in Papua New Guinea through to Afghanistan via incredibly insightful songs & stories and then bend into a finale of Psychedelia and other 60s/ Floyd/ Emerson Lake & Palmer music marvels with the Sup Club team
- best book early for that one!
Each year we explore just another theme or collection of music inpired by the orchestra that presents itself. This time there will also be a Hats Off to Joni Mitchell with Help Me & Free man in Paris from her Court & Spark album!
This coming year's orchestra includes
Garry Steel, Robbie Long, Jude Iddison (WA), String Loaded Family Band, Pete Fidler, Quentin Eyers (SA), Glen Skarratt, Brookie & Daniel Gillett (congrats on the new twins!), Peter Daffy (VIC), Sue Morley, Leslie Avril, Mick Conway, Dani Young, Marty & William Louis (Banjos),  and still a whole bunch still being sorted
- much more info soon!

Every Night Sat to Sat 6pm ('cept Fri) & 9pm
- with changing 9pm themes where we lean a little harder in their direction ie. Hot Fiddle/ Ukulele & Mandolin/ Banjo & Oldtime/ Girls Night/ Guitar Night/ Piano Night/ Fred Smith & Psychedelia/ Grand Finale - bookings open in Nov

It was our 20th Supper Club year!! 2018

Celebrating with an epic 120 page Photo Almanac!

Andrew Clermont's Supper Club celebrates the years of intimate pin drop through to 18 piece orchestras whirling out music from many backgrounds from Trad Country & old time & Bluegrass through to epic Dan Fogelberg, swing from Texas to Tarcutta, or Sixpence None the Richer songs (see pic below from 2016 Jan - setting up for it with 5 part string section!) plus amazing originals. Then there are all the genres & Country(s) music to soar through including adventures from Scandinavian to Bulgarian, Irish & Scottish to Appalachian & Blues let alone the very fun improvisation when you least expect it plus a splash of Spacegrass!!

And the musos will be happy -
the door price had to finally increase a bit to $25 so there could be more to share!
But you can certainly get 5 free shows if you get a Season Pass!
Just Email Andrew direct -

slightly finer detail!!

above is a co-ordination pause inbetween pieces from Sixpence None the Richer!
- Just one page in over 120 of the grand Photo Almanac!

Last January we welcome special return of our first No Holds Barred Fiddle Champ –    
Stephanie Eldridge - first appearing with us over 15 years ago!!
Quentin Eyers - session Bass, Piano, Guitar, Mandolinist (SA) who toured much of a decade with Clermont around the world.
Marcus Sturrock - "surprise" studio slap Guitar (WA/VIC) returns.
String Theories - James Church (Dobro), Glen Skarratt Mandolin, Guitar), Simon Watts (Fiddle) (SYD) follow their wonderful CD release. (9pm Sunday 22, Wed 25 and 6pm Tue & Thu)
X-FACTOR's Louise Adams - Sat 21 - 6 & 9pm, Mon 6pm & Tue 9pm
Garry Steel - Piano & Accordian to the Stars! (SYD) and with us all week (bar Wed & Fri)! Together with his more rustic brother Kirk, they have wowed us over & over at the Nights of Piano.
Old-time Fiddler David Hoffman with a good coupla centuries of family fiddling behind him (NY,USA) joins us for the earlier days, with Claw Hammer Banjo gentleman Harry O’Donovan.
Montz Matsumoto - Bluegrass to World Banjo (TAS) – been with the Supper Club well over a decade!
String Loaded Family Band (Maitland NSW) Scottish to Bluegrass fiddle heaven and golden string section.
Jude Iddison fiddler co-performing with Clermont for years in WA and our Golden Fiddle Award Shows.
Brookie & Daniel Gillett - Tamworth's own Voice & Singing stars of the Theatre (Wicked – just recently) and long time Supper Club devotees – plus Bass Clarinet to Harp Ukulele !
Robbie Long (formerly in The Lawnmowers with Clermont) - Guitar Champ through to drums swapping with Jess Stocker! (NSW)
The Legend Mick Conway joins Rob on Sunday's Ukulele Night.
Star Leslie Avril showing her unique piano world! (Sat & Mon 6pm) VIC
The Shared Affair from Mildura with Tony Smith become Shoestring featuring multi-instrumentalist Chris Rogers multi, Melissa Tucker (Fiddle), Luke Peak (Drums), David Harris (Bass), Penn Farmer (Guitar).
Appearance from Peoples Favourite Award last year - Hester Fraser "Goldheist" with Stephanie Eldridge - extra-ordinary Voice & Piano to share the Piano Night (Thursday) with another special treat - Richard McPhillips, a Boggabri "Local" though actually a retired Woolongong Club Pianist of endless performance background! let alone our all week Garry Steel - Keys to the stars! - and he'll feature Sunday 6pm in our special inclusion again of the
Hired Hands Anniversary Party @ The Supper Club (6pm Sunday 22)!!

Or Chronologically below!!
Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club
North Tamworth Bowling Club
Jan 2017
15 Great Unique Shows !!
nearly 100 performers through the week!!
(9pm “Features” means a "lean” toward that flavour but not only!)

6pm Sat 21 A Mix of All the Nights
Special Guests – Leslie Avril, Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Brookie Schiemer,
Marcus Sturrock & plenty more!

9pm Sat 21 Hot Fiddle Feature
Special Guests – Louise Adams, Shared Affair,
Stephanie Eldridge Fiddle Champ, Jude Iddison WA

6pm Sun 22 The Hired Hands Anniversary Show exclusive!!
Lawrie Minson & Friends with over 30 years covered

9pm Sun 22 Ukulele & Mandolin Feature
Special Guests – Mick Conway, Wild Women of Armidale, Chatham City,
Gunnedah Ukes, Sophie Raymond(!), Miss Spent Ukes
plus Brookie & Daniel Gillett and …!!

6pm Mon 23 A Mix of All the Nights
Special Guests – Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Leslie Avril, David Hoffman (USA Fiddle)
Marcus Holden (Mon & Tue night - plus Golden Fiddle Show Wed morn!)

9pm Mon 23 Banjo & Oldtime Feature – Special Guests –
David Hoffman (USA) & Harry O’Donovan, Montz Matsumoto,
Robbie Long
6pm Tue 24 A Mix of All the Nights
Special Guests – String Theories, David Hoffman (USA Fiddle),

9pm Tue 24  Girls Night – Special Guests -
Sue Carson, Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Sophie Raymond,
 Goldheist, Shared Affair, Brookie Gillett + many

6pm Wed 25  A Mix of All the Nights
Special Guests – String Theories, Shared Affair with Tony Smith

9pm Wed 25  Guitar Feature
Special Guests – String Theories, Marcus Sturrock, Robbie Long, Shared Affair, Quentin Eyers,
Brendan Radford & Clermont

6pm Thu 26  A Mix of All the Nights
Special Guests – String Theories, String Loaded, Quentin Eyers

9pm Thu 26  Night of Piano
Featured Guests include Goldheist (Voted Peoples Favourite!), Garry Steel, Quentin Eyers, Richard McPhillips, Tony Eyers
Please note - No Fri 27 6pm concert

9pm Fri 27  Dr Phil Hungerford “The Middle Years” big Band!
6pm Sat 28 Bluegrass Champions - Book/ arrive early !!!
9pm Sat 28 The Grand Finale!! Pure Gold!!
The Supper Club “Big” Band  - most shows – includes Clermont, Brookie & Daniel Gillett (Tamworth Theatre), Marcus Sturrock Guitars & Jude Iddison Fiddle WA; Montz Matsumoto Banjo TAS; String Loaded Celtic Family Band, Garry Steel Piano, Rob Long Guitar/ Drums, Jess Stocker Percussion & Drums, Quentin Eyers Bass, Piano, Guitar and ....
All Concerts $25
Double Concert $45 (available at the door) plus
Season Pass (5 free shows!!) $250
Tickets @ most Outlets & Venue
or Ph 0407 753809 with inquiries


Woodford Folk Fest events can be gleefully anticipated plus :

A"late" in year Tamworth presentation in 2016 was
Wookey/Matsumoto/Clermont - November, Thu 10th!!
 @ The North Tamworth Bowlo - Bligh St
as part of the closest thing to a "Hits & Memories" Tour I've ever done :-)
We traipsed Melb to Tamworth & back to Harrietville in 3 magic weeks
- much thanks to all who helped & came


Tamworth Supper Club - our 18th!! It was absolute magic!
2016 Jan Sat 16 - Sat 23
Special Guests - Kavisha Mazzella, Gerry O'Beirne (Ireland), One Up, Two Down (USA, NZ, AUS), Leslie Avril (1st weekend), The Hired Hands Anniversary Party (Sun 6pm),  Alesa  Lajana, Kathryn Archer (Florida),  Jess Stocker, Sam Reed (Drums & French Horn!), Darryl Walker (Flying Emus - Bass), Jude Iddson (WA fiddle), Louise Adams (second in X-factor!), Montz  Matsumoto (Tas),  Rachel Johnston (7 years Australian String Quartet!), Pumpkin Juice - now "String Loaded Celtic Fiddle Band", Paddy Montgomery (ex- Mustard Courage), Chloe Nott (Tamworth Banjo) and......

Or with more detail !

Supper Club
Woodford Folk Festival Supper Club @ Bill's Bar 2015 into 2016 complete with Totally Gourdgeous & The Festival Orchestra! Dec 27 - Jan 1

Tamworth Supper Club 2015 (Details Below!)

L-R, L-R etc -
Andrew Clermont, Louise Adams (VIC), Cathy Welsford, Chontia Robinson & Parris Macleod(QLD), Jude Iddison (WA)
Jeri Foreman (SA), Philomena Carroll & Paul Wookey(VIC), Jess Stoker
Sweetness & Light (Simon Frank & Marta Bayly)(SA), Daniel Gillett (Harp Uke), Maik Antrack (Germany), Taylor Pfeiffer, Clermont, Marilla
Chris Rogers, Rauno Vaher, Brookie Schiemer, Marilla Homes & Clermont, Maik, Gäge Stead
Piano Night, Girls Night, Marilla, Gubal, Dulcimer, Nigel Lever (Mandolin), Montz Matsumoto (Tas)

Leslie Avril (1st Sat & Sun 6pm only) 

6pm Shows are A-Mix-of-All-the-Nights (no 6pm show Friday)
alway different and a grand showground of talent and invention of "The Fellowship" above.

9pm Shows have unique flavours!! ‚Ä®MANY SPECIAL GUESTS !

Sat 17 Fiddle & Mandolin - Champions from all directions!

Sun 18 Ukelele & Mandolin (we figured more is better!) plus Mick Conway & Rob Long, TRUGS (Tamworth Ukes amassed by Brookie Schiemer), the graceful Harp Uke with Daniel Gillett, Wild Women of Armidale, Sam Leman & Lucy Wise!

Mon 19 Banjo & Oldtime - plus Sian Evans (Rusty Datsuns), Leanne Tennant(TBC), Taylor Pfeiffer, Golden Fiddle Life-time Achievement Award winners - The Leaping Lizards (QLD) and our beloved Montz Matsumoto.

Tue 20 Girls Night plus Women in Docs, Sian Evans, Leanne Tennant,(TBC) and Armidale soul voiced Emily & Jess Stocker , Taylor Pfeiffer- and our own Louise Adams, Marilla Homes, Jude, Jeri ....

Wed 21Guitar Night - Special guests Byron Bay Busking Champions Nick & Sam, highly awarded Tullara Connors, Clermont & Maik Antrack cut loose with Ron Dymick, Guy Kachel, and plenty TBA

Thu 22 Piano Night - Parris Macleod returns with his music from movies & albums afar and the various session players usually sneak in through the night!  Including likely Accordian & Harmonica worlds !- Plenty TBA

Fri 23 International Night with Mark Atkins & Friends (our legendary Didg player all over the World and Olympic Games) and the vocal gold of the Crosby Sisters together with Euro visitors Maik Antrack & Rauno Vaher & the Supper Club big band!

Sat 24 The Finale - the final show & tell from the week's mighty mingle
(6pm is Bluegrass!) Booking highly advised

Tamworth tickets are $20 & $15 concession available from the door or Info Centre
- or get a Season pass for $200 (5 free shows)
The above detail may change a little - we hope that won't inconvenience you.

and a few weeks earlier!

Woodford Folk Festival Supper Club @ Bill's Bar 27Dec'14 - Jan1 2015

now back a year!
 Classic Pics 
Girls Night @ Andrew Clermont's Supper Club Jan 2014
North Tamworth Bowling Club

Georgia Rose, Jeri Foreman, Olivia Hally , Louise Adams, Martha Spencer, Brookie Schiemer, Marilla Homes, Deta & Yula (The Beez), Ingrid Wangel, Pepita Emmerichs (Oh! Pep), "Andrea" Clermont :-)
Photo - Ross Waldron

Paddy Montgomery, Tullara Connor, Jeri Foreman, Gage Stead - Banjo Night     Photo - Marilla Homes

The Supper Club @ North Tamworth Bowling Club 2014
16th year!! - Jan 18 – 25

Louise Adams – new heart of Country Music!
Matt Hanley – the guitar of a 1000 albums and a sultry voice
Innes Campbell – a most unusual “twist” in Bluegrass Music

Lina Andonovska – stunning Flute, old-time banjo & Flamenco dance !!
Montz Matsumoto (Japan)  – worlds of Banjo & Song
Parris MacLeod – Piano & Hammond Organ & Chontia – Soaring Voice & Song

The Beez (Germany) – twisted music theatre! Mon till Sat
Whitetop Mountaineers (USA) – Martha & Jackson (SW Virginia) back again by popular demand! Mon till Thu
George Jackson Trio  - Fiddle & Banjo Champ/ Daniel Watkins – Bluegrass Guitar, Mandolin/ Andrew Small - Double Bass (USA) till Thu

Maik Antrack – 6-string & Double Bass groover
Ben Wordsworth – perfect drums
Brian Dover – “Backbeat” Songwriter & Ukelele
Brookie Schiemer – Stellar Voice, Songwriter & Ukelele
Daniel Gillet – Theatre Voice & Harp Ukelele

Jeri Foreman – Fiddle fiend - New CD & group "Pining for the Fjiords" including Ingrid Wangel on Nickelharpa (Swedish) Hardanger Fiddle (Nowegian) 

Marilla Homes – Opera to Irish Ballad via Patsy Cline
Chris Rogers – Dobro, Banjo, Octave Mandolin, Guitar
Paddy Montgomery – surprise Greek adventure instrument, Mandolin, Guitar, Boursouki
Jess Stocker – Hung, Darabuka, Kahon, Drums, Percussion
Occasional sessions also from
Taylor Pfeifer - Banjo & Songstress
The Mid North
Emily Little – sneaky Fiddle
Simon Ross & 'The Simontologists' (from Jetty Road)
To name just a few !


Supper Club Woodford 2013 Dec 27- Jan 1 (2014)

where much gets imagined and nurtured after months of idea sharing

and then brought to the stage of Bill's Bar - here celebrating Jeri Foreman's Birthday (30th!) - Photos Ross Waldron 

The gathered players this year include
Parris MacLeod – Keyboards & Chontia – Soaring Voice & Song
The Hussy Hicks - Julz Parker – Guitar & Vox/ Lisa Gentz - Vox
Lina Andonovska – stunning Flute, old-time banjo & Flamenco dance(!) & Melbourne Festival Cultural Ambassador (first 2 days)

Lawrie Minson – Pedal Steel, Dobro, Mohanveener, Harmonica, Vox & Songs & Shelley Minson – sultry Voice, stunning gear

Jeri Foreman CD Launch & Birthday Special – Fiddle fiend/ Gage Stead – Banjo & Double Bass/ Doug Loudon – Acoustic Guitar
plus Ingrid Wangel - Nyckelharpa (Swedish) Hardanger Fiddle (Nowegian) Fiddle together Pining for the Fjiords
plus Jane Ruckert - Hurdygurdy, Nyckelharpa, Hardanger Fiddle, Fiddle

Miriam Liebermann – Voice & Kora + Guitar

BluGuru - Clermont with
Josh Bennett - Tabla, Guitars, Mandolin, Dilruba, Sitar/ Parvyn Bennett – Multi-cultural Singer, Percussion

Jess Stocker - Swiss Hang, Percussion, Drums
Brookie Schiemer – Stellar Voice, Songwriter & Ukelele
Daniel Gillet – Theatre Voice & Harp Ukelele

Chris Rogers – Dobro, Banjo, Octave Mandolin, Guitar
Maik Antrack - Basses

Oliver Downes – Cello
Marilla Homes – Opera to Irish Ballad via Patsy Cline

Ross Waldron & Brenda Townsend – photography

**********For the Supper Club on MySpace click here!************

 Launch Tour with BluGuru through April 2013


TamFest "fringe" @ North Tamworth Bowling Club, NSW
 January 19 - 26th   2013 !!!

Featuring the return of Totally Gourdgeous (4 European Tours + Cavalcade winners! Woohoo! with The Lions Club) and their Solo aspects (Penny Larkin with Carl Pannuzzo too - first weekend!), plus special guests, Salvation Jane Reunited, and a historic inclusion "Stories of the Berlin Wall" - Rob & Deta (The Beez). New blends like River & The Rose (Brookie Schiemer) and Chontia & Parris Macleod. Ofcourse there are those "rambuctious" youth - Emily Little (Fid Champ), spectacular guitarists Steve O'Hern, Paddy Montgomery & Dan Watkins plus fiddle fiends George Jackson(from the Monday) & Jeri Foremen let alone refined regulars like Montz Matsumoto (Banjo), Siskin River & Jess Stocker but as we saw last year - it could be up to 90 performers through the merry week!


Firstly The Supper Club @ Woodford Folk Fest 2012 in QLD at the year's end!
- including Bettina's Portrait Gallery - right beside The Supper Club!!
- residing in Bill's Bar (old Folklorica site) 2.30 - 4.30pm & 10 -12am daily from Dec 26th (starts 10pm) - Jan 1!

With extra guests Tamarisque,  Tim Bennett & Miriam Lieberman, Mirella Holmes, Amanda Gilmour and sooo many more - thankyou all for your wonderous contributions




Fri 11Dorrigo Arts email:  (With Siskin River instead of Brooke Schiemer)

Sat 12 Wauchope Arts Centre email:

Sun 13 - 
6pm Dinner Available 7pm Show at North Tamworth Bowling Club email: tickets at Club closer to date

Fri 18 House Concert Lambs Valley - Julie & Brian Leaver email: (without Brooke Schiemer)

Sat 19 & SUN 20 at KARUAH : RIVER OF MUSIC (near Hexham/ Newcastle NSW)

Great shots by Ross Waldron - click here
Backbeat make it's 20 year rockin' Bluegrass reunion!!!
Celebrating the classic recording "... the sessions..."
Radial Rick (Bass), Brian Dover (Guitar & most songs), Daryl (Jack) Melbourne (Banjo),
Bruce Priddis & Ben Wordsworth (Drums)
The Beez (Germany) - extraordinary Cabaret return from the first Sat till Wed night;
  Mal Webb last seen with Totally Gourdgeous, will feature his
Mouth Music World plus stellar Bass chops all week!
Plus The Hussy Hicks
Andrew Winton & Paul Novosel (WA) Roots journey Slide,
Around the Campfire with Egon "Stories & Songs for all!"
Paul Wookey (VIC) Gold Guitar Winner
& Montz Matzumoto - Banjo
  BluGuru (the post Wedding tour!),  Brookie Schiemer, Stephen O'Hern, Jessica Stocker , Jeri Foreman, Paddy Montgomery, Tullara & Shalane Connors, Pete FidlerLawrie Minson(here & there), Emily Little Taylor Pheiffer the Banjo Girl, return, PLUS !!  Chris Rogers (Mildura) Dobro / Bass/ multi-man (touring with Clermont in Germany July 2012!

Eventually 90 performers turned up to the crowds of 1500 through the week!! A new record!!


Special Supper Club @ The Tamworth Capitol Theatre Mon Nov 7th!!


Adelaide @ The Gov, 5th June, was Andrew's 50th!!

Jane, Josh, Janet, Hugh, Alex, Jeri, Tim, Andrew (courtesy Bettina) & Andrew

Photos by Sunny Pics - montage by AC
Parvyn Kaur Singh, Josh Bennett, Brookie Schiemer, BluGuru, Stephen O'Hern , Jessica Stocker , Tullara Connors, Andrew Clermont , Lawrie Minson and infact Emily Little on the "BluGuru" Fiddle!!

Seen in May at
7pm Wed 18, The Post Office Hotel, Moree (BluGuru);
Thu 19 with Guitar Workshops arvo/ evening Concert at Golf Club Murrurundi - Fran 0265 466270;
Gunnedah Wolseley Park, 10 am Sat 20 and
Uralla, The McCrossins Mill, 7.30pm thanks to their Arts Councils; 
Sunday 21 North Tamworth Bowling Club 7pm $25 (kids free) for the final fanfare!
For more info call Andrew on 0407 753809

Stoppress!! Tullara Connors joining the Sat&Sun shows


January 2011 at the North Tamworth Bowling Club
was Jan Sat 15 - Sat 22

Photo Highlights of the Supper Club 2011

by Ross Waldron, Sunshine Poschinger & Peter Brown

Martha Spencer


Tim, Jane,Pete, Janet, Hugh, Paddy & Alex, Montz, Jeri, Parvyn, Andrew

Jess Stocker

Quatro from Bundaberg QLD

Daniel Watkins & George Jackson

Whitetop Mountaineers vs BluGuru

The Flatfoot /Kathak Dance off!     YeeHaaNamaste!


Janet Gordon , Piano - Tamarisque (SA)

Tullara Connors & Steve O'Hern - under 20 legends


Coolgrass - be afraid, be very afraid!!

Thanks all 80 contributors soo soo Much!

Featuring the return of
The Whitetop Mountaineers (USA Oldtime Bluegrass),
Tamarisque (SA orchestral family band), Josh Bennett & Parvyn Kaur Singh (with Clermont - CD launch - BluGuru), Pete Fidler (Class Dobro),
Steve O'Hern & Tullara Connors ('Stella' Guitars) , Montz Matzumoto(The Pigs & beyond Banjo), Tim Bennett
(freak Bass)& occasionally Elsen Price (Double Bass), Coolgrass (Crazy Bluegrass)
Christian Marsh (Harmonica), Parris Macleod (Keyboards),
Jeridene Foreman on modern Folk Fiddle Styles, Tim Hackett & Rory Ellis (return from UK)
The Hussy Hicks , Lauren Lee Williams,
Matt Abel (Drums -
hear on BluGuru's Not Real - including Brooke Schiemer
(2 theatre lead roles in a row this year! Congrats!!),
a Reunion from The Kangaroo Pub World Expo Days 1992 with Brent Larkham and Steven Jaymes!! On the Night of Piano!

and so many more always in the Fellowship of the Supper Club


Supper Club at Myspace


The Supper Club 2010

Now the Cover of the 2010 recording of The Supper Club!! Out now 70mins of treasures!

L - R Pete Fidler, Jess Stocker, Carl Pannuzzo, Peter Denahey, Liz Frencham, Tami Neilson (Nth America) and Mark Mazengarb NZ, Montz Matsumoto (Japan), Parris Macleod, Clermont & Robbie Long's Guitar! Thankyou all who attended watching or playing so very very much!!
Dedicated to the adventure and youthfulness of passion-driven music
They said, "I thought I'd died & gone to Heaven", "Please, don't ever stop", "This IS the Festival"

And so it is indeed THE 'fringe festival' where you'll see
Bass/accordian/flute/whistle/mandolin/and a host of voices/stories and many surprises
Each night as unique as each treasured Sunset

with a playful , exotic, all age, surprising, lineup.
Plus on display & for sale - Clermont's "BIG PICS" landscape views from around the world 1.2 m wide in various heights. Some previews can be found in panoramio - more info soon and at myspace below

With glee we inform you that Brooke Schiemer held 2 lead rolls in a row with Tamworths Theatrical Society. Here she is defining her song power

Supper Club at Myspace



Supper Club 2009


Now isn't this the most National Geographic moment!  Martha leads the lads! Brilliant capture by Ross Waldron

L- R Josh Bennett, Alex Gordon, Montz Matsumoto, Daniel Watkins, Jackson, Quentin,  Martha & Andrew Clermont carefully presenting



The Supper Club 2008 (see above)

And then you go thinking all is arranged - then look at the uncontrolled who turn up in 2007! 3 Fiddle Champions to start with and a whole lot of Fun! Jess Randall co-ordinates a 15/16 version of Catharisis.
     It's the unexpected treats we love so much at The Supper Club - Treasured times
- Photo by Ross Waldron



- to Tamworth's Country Music Festival

held at the North Tamworth Bowling Club - Ph 0267 661 987

Season Gold Passes for $150 also available - but only from Andrew Clermont DIRECT


- More sold each year! - or
Ph 0407753809

See Supper Club Emovies here



The Supper Club January TAMFEST 2007

To celebrate Sophie's wonderous contribution over the
years to the Supper Club, this Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirl
is giving ONE very special night with the Supper Club
BIG Band! New Songs, new stories, Friday Jan 26th.

Supper Club Players Jan 2007

The Lawnmowers - Launching their New CD - "Second Cut" all week at 9pm (cept Fri 26 and Sat 27 is 7pm). 3xBanjo Champ - Dave Hellens, New Acoustic Guitar via Rob Long, join Clermont for a wild Bluegrass week including Tony Eyers' hot Harmonica on the first weekend.
Extra Special guest will be their new DoubleBass & soaring voice - Liz Frencham (Jigzag) See

Photo by Jasmie MacDonald
is a tourdeforce - and helped win BEST non-corporate and BEST Overall Tamworth Cavalcade Entry for the Lions Club 2006 !! (Based on the theme "Pub with No Beer", they produced 10 versions in near EVERY music style - Disco, Jamaican to Traditional Waltz!!
- Are you getting the idea!
Kind of Joni Mitchell meets James Brown in Bob Marley's Pumpkin patch via The Muppets! (the Luthier - converting vine to violin! And guitar/ bass/ percussion etc), Carl Pannuzzo and Mal Webb (with Lano & Woodley) with their respective dot com websites have their audiences laughing hard when not amazed at the antics of their performance . Together with Andrew, you'll never see Clermont the same after this!! is a renown vocal gymnast, topical songwriter - toilet rolls to whale songs - nothing is too important or trivial! Also a whiz on trombone/ Bass & the African Mbira (thumb piano!) All countries music! - choir leader of the 130,000 strong Woodford Fire Event - R&B, Socio-political to AC/DC on songs from Starfish to Pole-sitting!

Below are the gourdatious ones in preparation to take out (with able Lions Club presentation) the Tamworth Cavalcade Best Float in Independant AND overall catagory!!! Woo Hoo! haha

Swales built standard instruments from these non-standard gourds (and they do grow enormously varied) specifically because they are such an easily renewable source of timber. Sold across the world now she has used long bean types for didgeridoo, through to those big enough for Cello & Bass! Instruments from the Flintstones are now ready for you!! But who to play them? Mal & Carl were nearby but they soon called Tamworth's own -

Andrew Clermont who had spent most years of his musically adventurous life gathering surprising (and surprised!) musicians & artists where-ever he appeared. The pinnacle of this is The Supper Club. He's been a Bluegrass Guitar Champion 3 times (see the Re-release of his solo masterpiece 'Homegrown Vol.2' on CD) and seen mostly on Fiddle & Mandolin with Tom T Hall to John Chester, Brian Young to Xavier Rudd & The Waifs. He is a true Chameleon still performing in 5 Bands - Dya Singh (a decade lapping the world Indian Sikh Style!); The Lawnmowers (the cutting 'hedge' of Bluegrass!); Celtic Conundrums (Glen Innes Celtic Fest 2005) and here - The Supper Club; regulars to Vienna(Austria) - Totally Gourdgeous & Fiddlers Feast (their 11th Tamworth)

The BEEZ - Germany!
With great pleasure we present 3 nights inclusion of this very rare group. 4 vocals soaring Unplugged with Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' while giving AC/DC distinct 'TWANG' with a Polish twist of Lime!
A decade across Europe, these guys& gals include Slide Dobro, Ukulele, Accordian, grand fun & theatrics.

The Supper Club welcomes the return of

Annette Eldridge - Cello and Young Australian Award recipient with her younger sister Stephanie (Fiddle Champ when she was just 14!).
Willow Stahlut from the Gypsy Hot Club joined them with Clermont at the Hawksbury National Fiddle Festival this year. She'll likely turn up at the SupClub as well with show stoppers
Turkish Delight returning from Armidale on the Fiddle Night.
Steph has also been seen moonlighting with new CM heroes
"The PIGS" who will also appear in a more cultured version on the Banjo Night & Bluegrass nights with last years extra special guest
Montz Matzumoto - Banjo Maestro from Japan - now enjoying the Adelaide wine valleys.

Exotic Wu PuYu from Taiwan has been an integral part of the Supper Club for quite some years now. Deeply emotive, flying Flautist & concert pianist - she's guarenteed to bring joyous tears to your eye with her riveting performance.

Slowly motoring from Darwin we'll see the return as well of
Steve Teakle - keyboard multi-man from the ol' goanna Piano to Hammond Organ, Cajun Accordian, Melodica and Washboard linking up mainly with The Lawnmowers and whoever else he can't resist!

Likely THE most soaring and nimble fingered violinist to date is
Jess Randall, who won in 2005 and presented the Supper Club with a 'score' to tempt the fearless music readers to a 'Country Concerto'. Stunning it was and we wait with teetering anticipation for the next chapter in 2007

Extra Special Shows are

Sat 9pm NIGHT OF FIDDLE - Previous Champions mingle with a variety of styles and performers. Turkish to Cajun, Ireland to Blacktown, Bluegrass to Bulgarian.

Sun 9pm HARMONICA NIGHT featuring

Christian Marsh - Blues & Chromatic Judge & Champion of Harmonica
Wu PuYu - Classical to Jazz, Country to New Age Flute
Parris Macleod - Piano/Guitar/Percussion - Young Australia Award winner
Plus arguably Australia's greatest Didgeridooist, Tamworth's very own Mark Atkins -as at home in New York's Symphony Orchestra, or Vienna, or Berlin as out back of Dungowan and right here. Performing across the world through Sydney's 2000 ParaOlympics and the Grecian Olympics. He'll be adding jaw-dropping spice.
And if that wasn't enough, the Lawnmowers will be letting Bluegrass Harmonica man, Tony Eyers, as loose as only he can.

From a 'cultured version of 'The Pigs', Montz Mazumoto - Japan & Europe, Champion picker Dave Hellens with The Lawnmowers and Clermont on some Tenor Banjo 'twang' let alone Matilda Sommers or just a few other possibilities

Tue 9pm THE GIRLS NIGHT with Sarah Carroll (GIT) ; The Eldridge Sisters (Fid Champ & Cello); Penelope Swales; "Hannah" Telford; Pu-Yu Macleod - a favourite from Taiwan, Leslie Avril (French songs!), Jess Randall (FIddle Champ 2005) and usually wonderfully more!

Wed 9pm FINGERPICKING/SLIDE/FLAT-PICKING GUITAR night has the eloquent Tim Rickhards, Jethro (ex-Bourkenback Boys) and nimble Ross Waldron - a wild blend of the many slippery melody makers. Tamworth's Leigh Irvin (The Remains) pedal steel to the warm Dobro of Sydney's Gary Brown plus the slide trumpet & trombone of Mal Webb (we did say Slide!!)
with Clermont anticipating plenty of surprises.

Thu 9pm THE NIGHT OF PIANO (Book Early) - usually quite a few pianos on stage at onceand as in previous years with many surprise players from throughout the Festival. The night will also welcome the return of world renown Sam McNally.

Fri 9pm SPECIAL SUPPER CLUB FEATURE ARTIST of the last years has been the ever-loved Sophie Raymond. Not only a most theatrical and alluring singer songwriter, but also a most consummate musician on Saxophone/ Harmonica/ Guitar & Piano. Creator of various animation clips and part of the Oscar winning 'Harvy Krumpet' film. She has also been helping artists develop themselves overseas with the CrocPot Showcase presentations in Canada & USA. First seen in Tamworth as "The Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirl" show with Vicky Simpson from The Waifs, she has endeared herself to the Tamworth Festival ever since.
Her ONE SHOW ONLY this time is 9pm Friday 26th 9pm


We take no prisoners here - always a variety of styles displaying the versatility of this very flexable music source.
Sat 9pm - the ever Fun Filled Finale! Legendary Nights always!

Every night is a new story, you may even talk Clermont into a season pass! Meanwhile the Info Centre and Venue have each show's tickets.



2006 Jan 22-28 Supper Club Poster & Some Guests

Honourable guest - Champion Banjo player from Japan - Montz Matzumoto

Jess Randall - 2005 NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Champ!


Performer Information 2005

Featuring - Stephanie (2002 Champ) and Annette Eldridge, (Young Australian Award winners)


NoHoldsBarred Australian Fiddle Contest

Here Dev'lish Mary with Clermont & Montz Matsumoto set the mood

              Assisted by Epoch Fiddles &  The Golden Fiddle Awards

The NoHoldsBarred Australian Fiddle Contest last ran during Tamworth's Country Music Festival  January 2008.  The contest is open to all fiddlers (amateur or professional) of any style, not just Bluegrass and Country. Two sections - Youth Award and Open Award.
        In 2009 the Bluegrass Championships started up again finally and the focus shifted back to there for the moment.

The judges take into account all aspects of performance.
Heats will run at Andrew Clermont's Supper Club - 6pm sessions at the North Tamworth Bowling Club on the middle Wed & Thur of Tamworth CM Festival.

Grand Final was usually held at the Fiddlers Festival Concert on the last Saturday of the Festival. Interested fiddlers should also attend the Wild Fiddle Night on the first Saturday Night of the Tamworth CM Festival - 9pm at Andrew Clermont's Supper Club (North Tamworth Bowling Club - Bligh St).

Competitors are restricted to one piece of music with a maximum time limit of approximately 5 minutes displaying variety to impress. There are no restrictions on the type of backing used. Judges take in account professional and/or amateur status.

First prize of a $2000 Epoch Electric/Acoustic Violin!!

Register as soon as possible at
See also for emovie sample of some previous Winners.


NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest Winners 2002 - 2008

L to R is Guest Judge - Tom Fitzgerald ( , Organiser Andrew Clermont,
Ist place winner - Somara Redman (16),
3rd Place - Caitlin MacGowan (17),
2nd place - Louise Brown (12)

Tom Fitzgerald, Andrew Clermont, Somara Redman, Caitlin MacGowan and Louise Brown
2007 - Winners
Youth Award - Connor Macgregor 14
Senior Award - George Jackson 17
(New Zealand - now living in Australia)
standing beside Epoch sponsor, Mark Mitchell.
And thanks for their spontaneous performances throughout the Supper
Club evenings and Fiddlers Feast

George Jackson - NHB winner 2007

2006 No Holds Barred Fiddle Contest Champions

Aiden Patrick and Emma Barlow -  - both from Gympie, Queensland





Aiden Patrick and Emma Barlow - 2006 Champions
Youth Winner
Anna Disher

(Tragically lost her life in a traffic accident soon after - we will miss her dearly - has inspired her family to do great services for women independance in India)

2005 Senior Champion Jess Randall
Now with 'Crooked Fiddle' across the country


2004 Results  
Emily Little 8yr old
(Tamworth) Wins the youth section an Epoch 3/4 colour changing model Fiddle
Lachlan O'Donnell -
winning the 2004 HoHolds Barred Fiddle Contest - takes home the Senior Award  Electric/ Acoustic Gold Model
See e-movie here



NoHoldsBarred Fiddle Contest 2003 Results



Winner of the Inaugural (NoHoldsBarred) Australian Fiddle Contest for 2002 was:

Stephanie Eldridge

, 13yr old, surprise whizz from Victoria. She followed the win by being invited to play her prize $2000 Epoch Violin at the Golden Guitar Awards - Orange Blossom Special with Mark Oats, Andrew Clermont, Mick Albrecht and the house band.

A knock out performance. 12 entries were narrowed down to 3 through the week including Joanne Lack (with John Wibberley) , Hamish Davidson, ( Country college graduate).





Specific tuition in :

Separate CRASH COURSES TO MANDOLIN/ FIDDLE/ GUITAR all include the following:
How to make what you play, sound like it was always meant to be there. Slotting into someone else's genre/style, recognising and adopting their idioms and producing the appropriate accompaniment. Rising above and around your Musical Plateau;


Pick techniques , achievable Chords, Accompanying, Soloing and a bit on how to go ballistic, musically :-) Includes a leaning to the blues

Bowing - in particular the shuffles, lilts, trills and a step by step path to soloing safely and effectively. Includes a leaning to the blues and definitely an easy conversion from Classical to Folk fiddling.

LOWDOWN FIDDLE & MANDOLIN - Blues and other colours of the violin or mandolin
Andrew takes you on a path to explore and express yourself through your instrument/ from Blues to Happy Days. A simple introduction to modes of scales; reactive and interactive playing; going ballistic; working out just what is needed at the time.   Improvisation is but a few notes from where you are now!  

Includes applying Guitar to Fiddle tunes and the most volume you can extract from your instrument per effort. Rising above and around your Musical Plateau; useful accompaniment and a bit on how to nuts in performance !

GUITAR OPTION: Master Class Championship Bluegrass Flat-Picking - Book & CD support
Sure-fire techniques to crack the illusive circular breathing - then the journey begins.

focused on live mixing: equalising the whole sound system (and the band players!!) : extracting the Real tones from the instruments and voice, pre-amps, pick-ups & microphones: stacking the odds and players in your favour for a successful mix & performance - and most importantly - keeping it simple. 

         Clermont annually includes sound-sorting at numerous Festivals - and head of production at Mildura CM Fest, France Folk Gathering, Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, Wirrina Bleugrass & Acoustic Music Fests plus the "epic" 30 hour Supper Club at Tamworth Festival.


 The Fiddle Kids at Denmark , Western Australia in 2009, co-ordinated by Jude Iddson & Marie. A wonderful 'bubble' of Fiddledom between Margaret River, Albany & Denmark





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