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- Tamfest Supper Club

- NHB Fiddle Contest

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photo house
Andrew with both Epoch Fiddles by Ken

The Supper Club
at the North Tamworth Bowling Club

Dedicated to the adventure and youthfulness of passion-driven music
They said, "I thought I'd died & gone to Heaven", "Please, don't ever stop", "This IS the Festival"
And so it is indeed THE 'fringe festival' where you'll see
Bass/accordian/flute/whistle/mandolin/and a host of voices/stories and many surprises
Each night as unique as each treasured Sunset

Performer Information 2005

Featuring - Stephanie (2002 Champ) and Annette Eldridge, (Young Australian Award winners)

Tamworth Jan 2004 -
Andrew's "Fringe Festival" in
Australia's largest Country Music Festival

******** Addendum: see below *********

  • 10PM Mon Fingerstyle Night has moved to 7pm Wed (Presented by the articulate Tim Rickhards and special guests, Mal Clarke from Bullamakanka and Jeffro Andrews from The Bourkenback Boys with Chet Atkins to Tommy Emmanuel styles & Beyond & still including the first Fiddle Contest Heats as well)
  • and Mon 10pm is now a "Michael Fix (Gold Guitar & ABC) Feature with the Supper Club Super Pickers

January 2003

Click to see the whole poster
and details for 2003!

spread out from 4 nights last year to 16 shows this year. More amazing music, from 50 or so musicians of all walks to produce both kinds of music - Real & UnReal to a 1000 plus audience. A season ticket will be offered next year.

Main players:

  • Last(this) year featuring theme nights of Piano/ Fiddle/ Swing/ Slide/ Games/ Deluxe Jams and a host of musical chamelions at 7pm each night! INTERNATIONAL guest, classical/ ragtime pianist WU PU YU intrigued us most nights with Scott Joplin to Rachmaninov and her jazzy twists on both piano and flute.
  • TED TILBROOK (HIRED HANDS) – renown for his inspiring performances. Both vocally and with perfectly ornamented guitar work.
  • Master guitarist STEVE BERRY – Musical director to the largest annual folk spectacle – The Woodford Folk Festival Fire Event – is also a 3 time Guitar Champion.
  • HAMISH DAVIDSON on ballistic Banjo, fiddle and check his Ragtime Piano CD Launch at 10pm Thur 24th – Young Entertainer of the Year and Multi-Banjo / Fiddle Champ! And still only 18!
  • PARRIS MACLEOD piano child prodigy and receiver of the Young Australian Award for Major Musical contributions to the Community. His studio produced Troy Cassar Daley’s landmark album and now often nominated with Andrew Clermont for instrumental achievements in the Golden Guitar Awards.
  • DARYL WALKER gave the Flying Emus their modern Bass sound in the mid 80s,and he is promising some fine musical adventure to be sure.
  • SOPHIE RAYMOND, Star of last years ‘Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirl” Musical was also with New CD ‘About to Burst - showcasing her vocal range, songwriting, guitar and flair on Sax & Harmonica. PAUL GREEN from Cairns, graced us with music & songs to soar & explore with. Astounding voices & delivery from Blues /Jazz /Folk influences of country on Wed. with the Mega Music Jam (it seems it took half a dozen to replace Michael Fix (from last years Deluxe Jam!) .
  • KIRK LORANGE, magnificent on The Slide Night. The amazing Eldridge sisters, Stephanie & Annette on Fiddle & Cello. Tony Eyers on a-moments-notice harmonica. The Summers Bluegrass Family - wholesomely traditional.
  • BRIAN DOVER - Formerly with Clermont in the powering *BackBeat* group, has since won many songwriting awards. An earthy voice and catchy songs.
  • RICHARD PORTEOUS and LISA VASEY graced us on Tue evening . Lisa has a beautiful voice and a must to hear.
  • THE DRUMMERS - SHANE FLEW, BEN WORDSWORTH, WILLIE QUA (and Kimmie!) & PARRIS MACLEOD!! The Supper Club is very particular with its drummers and drum sound. These are our favourites who appeared here and there leaving us smiling long after. There were more wonderful contributions on the theme nights from many others - thanks again to all. Many treasured comments back from the audience, so we know they will be back again with bells on. This year also saw a greater confidence from the local audience. We look forward to our 5th year in 2003 and a Supper Club re-visit at the North Tam Bowlo during the year. Thanks again to the the players who contributed & the audience who lapped it up.





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