Andrew Clermont's International Supper Club
The Audience said "I thought I'd died & gone to Heaven!" There are no loud kick drums and you can hear all the music all the time!

Musical Chameleon, Clermont, has a Golden Guitar from the 80's with the 3 Chord Wonders, instrumental nominations through the 90's and circling the globe with 5 Bands from all sides of Oz through this new millenium. 8 years ago the Supper Club began and Tamworth's best kept secret is now out of the bag!

It's a Fringe Festival to the Tamfest with -

And our 2005 Special Guests?
 We are elated to bring our favourite "Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirl" BACK BY PUBLIC DEMAND!

“An award winning animate filmmaker and Shakespearian actress who can also do just about anything musically”

Arkansaw Times- Little Rock, USA

 We're talkin' bold but insightful, cheeky but opens your heart, fun yet
 thoughtful - on Saxophone, Harmonica, soaring voice and playful guitar

 Since her solo debut in Berlin, 1996; Sophie has performed and recorded variously in Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Canada, and throughout Australia. She’s a performer/ singer songwriter, ofarkable /cepting the assignment of, International Woman Of Mystery , So cheeky escapades and worldly perspectives feed the spirit and soul of all her creative works in both, music and film. It all began…While undertaking a combined degree inAnthropology and Drama and Theatre studies. Sophiewon her first audiences in the Theatre; with her stagecharm, comic timing and finesse with accents. It was atthis time she professionally debuted her original music.An instant success with her first band, “Aubergine”they won band competitions and a great following.Touring Internationally as “Helena” in a near nakedacrobatically inclined “Mid Summers Night Dream” ,Sophie received acceptance into London’s CentralSchool of Speech and Drama, which she declined toexpand her story telling, performance and music intothe realm of film.Her student film topped the year level and took herto France and Canada, got her on National T.V andaccepting awards in fancy frocks. Subsequent workhas followed suit, leading her along red carpets andto the Oscars as assistant animator to Adam Elliot’s“Harvie Krumpet” with Geoffery Rush.Sophie Co-founded, the Southern Ladies AnimationGroup, (S.L.A.G) in 2001. As Co- producer/animator
and sound designer Sophie steered their 2003 film“It’s Like that” onto winning many awards in animationand documentary, as well as screening in Cinemasand Premiere Festivals across the world, culimnatingin a nomination for Best Animation in Australia’s AFIawards. More frocks more flights more travel.With her guiding philosophy of “get over it, get on withady with her six string passport is capable of successin just about any mission. You never can tell where she

And so here she is!  The ideal Feature Artist for The Supper Club.We've loved her many characters and look eagerly to the 2005 incarnation.
Colin Brooks - USA
Multi Awarded Songwriter
Sultry Voice & Magic Slide Guitar
together with Australia's Joanne Lack on Violin (see Michael Fix's latest release)

Rave reviewed CD - chippin away at the promise land

Appearing throughout the week
 but featured on Mon 17 10pm alongside Paul Wookey's CD Launch - the 2 best male voices of the week together!!
Also featuring Fri 21 9pm - Slide Night

"It is rare that a CD makes such a staggering impression"
Folkwax Magazine
Our new Piano Man is Steve Teakle
 - returning from Arhnem Land and beyond!
Accordian, Hammond B3 Organ, Piano & Melodica!

Stride & Boogie Woogie to Etherial, Country and Wild
We warmly welcome him
The familiar faces:

 The Lawnmowers - With 3 time Banjo Champ, Dave Hellens and 3 time  Guitar
Champ, Clermont, on Fiddle & Mandolin, there's a reason for hot,
 hot pickin'! And while Robbie Long from Newcastle flies on the guitar
 and Dougie Bull keeps you smiling with rockabilly rhythms from his
 Double Bass tree, ducking & weaving Tony Eyers cuts loose on the
 Ah! The Cutting Hedge of Bluegrass!!

 Parris & PuYu Macleod - more international flavour with Taiwan's
 beautiful Flautist and pianist, PuYu while Parris's compositional art
 and dexterity are well shown here in his effortless piano style - a
 huge part of the Sup Club since it's beginnings, will feature on the Night of Piano.
They have received
 immense airplay in South America this year with another Supper Club
 regular, Didgeridoo Man, Mark Atkins.  An exciting world tour - France,
 China, Sth America - awaits them for late 2005.
          Parris and Andrew have several CDs of remarkable music together
 - Dance of the Good Life, Happy as Larry, plus Flat out like a Lizard
 Drinking, and the Supper Club - Live Oct 2004, with PuYu.

 Christian Marsh - Harmonica wizard, will amaze you on both Chromatic &
 Diatonic Harps. Together with Edu Valk they become Dr. Goodvibes.

 Stephanie (2002 Fiddle Champ) & Annette Eldridge - Their young & modern Cello and Violin have always entranced our guests and players.

 Randall Wilson & Ronnie Rindo drum into our hearts in the nicest
 possible way.

 They have all been most respected regulars on the show and we can't
 wait to see who the next surprise guests are!!

 If Music be the Food of Life, Supper Club be Silverware!
We welcome long time friend, Wendy M Jackson from Melbourne via Sevilla, Spain and Lungtan, Taiwan. She is the main harmony voice on Clermont's "The Longing " CD.
          We are thus delighted to have her join the The Supper Club for 2005 with her collection of Roots and wide range popular songs from years of world travel.

Also welcome to Belinda Walmsley who will slot snuggly into layers of new harmony singing at The Supper Club. Fresh from the Southern Cross Uni and already featured at the October Sup Club 2004.