Andrew Clermont's Supper Club
North Tamworth Bowling Club - 2002    - But  lookout  now - the Emovies of  the Jan 2004 nights are here!
And Here's a look back on what you saw or missed! - Photos Courtesy of Faye Davidson (mainly)

9pm Fri 23rd 2003 saw 3hrs of awesome slide with the addition of the Legendary Dan Johnson & Lawrie Minson - old friends unite for a rare treat.
Here Kirk slides to the deft hand of Parris Macleod's piano

We all swing for Andy Baylor (left) a treat each last Sat of the Tamworth CM Festival
 - in fact the Swinging finale to the Awards night if you like.
There's smiling Sam Leman (Mr Understated) on Guitar, Mike Vidale on Framus Bass Tree, Hamish on the twinning fiddle, and the meandering Mando of Andrew to take out the Supper Club week - let alone the 50 odd musicians who have contributed through the week - more pic pages coming!
Below L to R: Gary Ward, Hamish, Liz Lord, Parris, Margie, Steph, Leigh James, Andrew