Dya Singh World Music Group (yes all those mikes 4 us!!) -  UK to Kenya Sept 2003
Left to Right - Andrew Clermont, Dya Singh, Dheeraj Shrestha, Keith Preston
Dya Singh also receiving Khalsa Award from the Mayor of Leicester, UK
Here's lookin' at Ya from a 'worldly'(!) perspective. Starting with a Totally Gourdgeous 'awareness for the physically disadvantaged' concert, in Austria, with a final show  at the Donauinsel Fest amidst 2.5 million folk in Vienna! We also ne'r forget to take in the tourist sites eg. at the thundering Canada/ USA border and by Lake Louisa (Alberta) in The Rockies with snow and Dya Singh World Music Group (after a 12hr drive over them!), or later in Scotland via my Photoshop - 'Whoa there Nessie!'.(We actually took a band holiday!) Them wee Longhorns were pretty special too - not to mention curious!    All photos from my Video Cam except top L (Die Bruke)and bottom R
             Now this is just a couple of weeks back, in October 2003 with Totally Gourdgeous, in 'return tour' mode. The concert shot is at "Die Brueke" (The Bridge) which runs an interesting parallel to The Crossing from whence I type all this. Die Brueke deals with providing responsible means for variably disabled folk to learn they can have a "normal" life; while The Crossing provides the means for youth & older youth (who think they are normal) to usually discover they have had a disabled view on what it means to live responsibly on the planet earth (but do checkout their website given earlier)!
            Moving across the Top we have the deft guitar style of Robbie Long, clinching member of our new Bluegrass unit "The Lawnmowers" taking a rather hot solo in 'Milk Cow Blues' at The October Supper Club. Accompanying him is the last sunset I saw from Bob Eggert's kitchen window in Seattle, USA. He now watches from up on high. His passing in the last year puts a big hole in many lives and in particular the many musicians he helped in so many ways across the planet. The gentle hues on snowy Mt Reiner are also from his farm looking north west.
             Between contemplates piano man, Parris Macleod, a crucial part of my Supper Club since it's beginings 6 years ago. We had a great series of Supper Club concerts either side of the TG, Austrian Tour, including the well run BarrAbor Arts Festival of Barraba.
            Framing the high country are the flying, banjo fingers of Dave Hellens and ever smiling Dougie Ball, rockabilly Double Bass man, together with with Robbie & I they complete The Lawnmowers - Bluegrass into the New Millenium!!! And a whole heap of fun. At Harrietville Bluegrass Festival this weekend.
            The October SupClub's feature artist was Dheeraj Shrestha, Nepalese Tabla master from the Dya Singh Group. We managed to snag a free weekend and between Schools, and venues in Armidale & Tamworth we presented a fine world music continuity from May's SupClub's Tibetan flavour to this times Bulgarian/ Indian/ Celtic / Country/ Jazz !  However here we are celebrating a perfect weekend at Alberta's North Fair (Canada - last year) with a chummy hug.
               Beside is a very happy PuYu Macleod having just finished a touchingly sublime delivery of world Flute at Armidale's Cattlesman Motel within the SupClub. Quiet spoken but soars wildly on the flute. No egos here, just melodic plucks on strings of the heart & soul producing even a few tears I was told.
            But she has no inkling that only days later I'd be making a snowman in Austria, Penelope providing backdrop here - having amazed us on Flute as well, at an Austrian corporate gig! Mal does cosmetic adjustments to Mr.Carrot nose. Totally Gourdgeous will return there next June as well for a return invite to the mighty Donauinsel Festival.
            Providing the powerful didgeridoo finish to many recent Supper Clubs, Mark Atkins, now rehearsing for the Athens Olympic Games with a cultural delivery from Oz, is pulling out all stops - to the point that if you look carefully, you'll see a bead of sweat just leaving his eyebrow!
            Twas a particularly well received Supper Club this October and with 3 cameras rolling and recording straight to computer we are tickled pink to say we'll have a Video and/or CD available very soon.