Andrew displaying instruments featured on The Longing, including GIlchrist mandolin and DeGruchy guitar. Photo by Jon Armstrong

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"Beautiful evening, Andrew. I can't remember when I enjoyed a performance so much. Exquisite! Thanks!"
Annie Carn @ the Enrec Studio concert, the last show for this year's
BluGuru tour together with Shenzo Gregorio 28/4/2014

Latest Photo Artistry from Andrew - the 'BEING THERE' Big Pics

The Bands  :
 BluGuru / The Supper Club / Totally Gourdgeous
and sometimes

  Fiddlers Feast (OS version)   Dya Singh World Music Group / Celtic Conundrums/
The Lawnmowers / BackBeat

Andrew would like to thank the following for their support:

Gilchrist Mandolins for the Legendary F-5
Penelope Swales for the Gourdgeous musical instruments
Maton Guitars for the amazing Bunyan Pine 12-string Guitars
Epoch Violins for the Sunset, BluGuru & White Lightning 4 & 5-string Fiddles plus mountains of support
Tommy Crow (Alice Springs) for the great crocodile painting on my 'A' Didgeridoo - courtesy of Alan Dawson.
Jon Armstrong Photographics and "Shot by Jake" for main publicity shots
Long Grass Clothing for wonderful long leg jeans support!

My dear Clans for their voluntary & involuntary support!
To Steve Wainright for getting this website started so long back
and Chris Simmons for maintaining the web site.

to the Friends & Fans - you're the Best!

Thanks for looking in and contemplating the world via Clermont.
Suggestions/ thoughts are more than welcome.
Big thanks to those of you who are able to come to the various performances, say
hello in/from the most unexpected parts of the world, or who drop in the occasional
letter/ email/ phone greeting.

The world family is a wonderful experience and I verily appreciate the warm returns
given and shared.

Yours in the Light & Magic of Music,
Andrew Clermont