Dya Singh group , Multi-cultural Supper Club, And Woodford Folk Festival
Recent Years have seen Dya Singh group perform at numerable Californian Events. Peace & Multi-Faith conferences to Sikh Temples,  and twice at both the Indian Yuba City Mela & California World Music Festival along side other Australians The Waifs, Bluehouse & Fruit (and almost all from Adelaide!)
     Here they are at a Multifaith service presented by the Orange County Sikhs. Dya Singh group was recently acknowledged by the Californian Lieutenant Governor , Cruz M. Bustamante, for services to the Community.
        Parris & Puyu Macleod, Mark Atkins, Dawa & Nyima, John Francis & Andrew
And finally the top of the world with Dya Singh World Music Group.
Yes this is actually in Australia at the Woodford Folk Festival -
but a nice shot eh!  Thanks to the benevolent photographer , Fran Stahlut-Kemp from the Gypsy HotClub