Dya Singh Group - while in Edmonton
Feature Article in
Edmonton Journal
Saturday 12 July 2003

by Greg Biuim, Journal Staff Writer.


Concert launches Guru Nanak Healing Garden
Sikh Organisation funding major Alberta Project

A concert by Australian World Music artist Dya Singh at the prestigious Winspear Arts Centre launches the fundraising campaign for the Guru Nank Healing Garden this Sunday in Edmonton, Canada.


"When the Alberta Heart Institute opens in 2005, its patients will be the first in the province to experience one of the newest innovations in modern care: the healing garden.

No drab waiting room, this. Plants, running water and natural light will dominate the institute's top two floors. The five story facility will rise on top of the University of Alberta Hospital's one-story emergency department. "Life is full of energy and people who are healing need a space   thats not static, thats filled with movement" said Teja Singh, Canadian president of the Guru Nanak Shrine Fellowship, the organisation spearheading the project.

Most of the garden - with a space to walk and sit in a serene imitation of nature - will be built on the fourth floor. A balcony will overlook the scene. Natural light will pour in from an atrium. In all 25 percent of each floor will be devoted to the indoor garden, the first of its kind in Canada, Singh says.

"We're really just in the early stages of planning" said Sue McCoy, associate director of the Alberta Heart Institute campaign.

Construction of the world class cardiovascular institute is to begin in the fall. After an initial meeting with Mohinder Datta, a San Francisco architect who will be helping with the design, there was even talk of stocking the garden with birds and fish. "That seems problematic" McCoy said, adding that any live things in the garden must be set behind glass. Even the sreams must be enclosed.

Datta suggested using multimedia exhibits, with images of nature shifting to reflect different times of the day. Smells may even be generated.

The garden is named after the first Sikh guru or spiritual tecaher, Nanak Dev. The international organisation named after him regularly supports religious and humanitarian causes worldwide. This is their first large-scale project in Canada and they've pledged to raise the entire cost of the garden over the next five years.

Their first fundraiser is at the Winspear Centre, Edmonton on Sunday with a performance by the Australian world music singer Dya Singh.

" This is our country. This is our home now" said Teja Singh, referring to the thousands of Sikhs in Canada." We wanted to do something here to leave a permenant legacy"

Greg Biuim: gbiuim@the journal.canwest.com

For more information or how to support this project please contact website:
Guru Nanak Shrine Fellowship: http://www.gurunanakshrine.com
Jagdeep Shipra 780 438 3596 Dr Teja Singh 780 434 1970

With Peace Tours from Australia through Orange County,CA,  in a Multi-Faith Event here above, or Edmonton (Top),for the recovery of patients; Dya Singh World Music Group is here & there - everywhere where it can be, and facillitate the 'healing' in this ol' world through spirited music.